Review and Operations for Revenue Maximization
Whether you’re an RHC, or non-RHC hospital owned clinic, Cost Reports are due on an annual basis for Medicare and Medicaid. HSA has the experience to prepare and review these reports as required by Federal and State law.  We work with provider-based and independent RHCs, FQHCs, and fee-for-service clinics to meet filing requirements and satisfy the calculation of settlements for each clinic.

We understand when your reports are due and what is required as part of the report. We provide recommendations that are financially beneficial for your clinic(s).

It is crucial that the report contains accurate information. While it is possible for individual practices without significant experience to complete the cost report, in many instances there are multiple errors that occur, often to the financial detriment of the clinic. Expert advice should be from experienced individuals with cost reports and specifically with the CMS-222 (or Schedule M) Cost Report, as it relates to issues such as calculation of FTE, reassignment of costs, and the completion of an independent or provider-based RHC Cost Report.

Rate Setting
Each Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and State handles rate setting a little differently. Some MACs will set the initial rate at the Medicare cap rate, or even lower, at 80% of the cap rate; while other MACS will need a projected cost report. We will let you know which method applies to your MAC and to your State and will work to get you at the best rate possible. Working with each MAC and getting to know them personally is what we do and is what’s beneficial for the rate setting to be handled in a proficient & applicable manner.

With a change of ownership (CHOW), the rate does NOT always carry over from the previous owner to the new owner. We can tell you if rate setting will be necessary as a part of your CHOW for Medicare and Medicaid.