All RHCs are required to have an on-site inspection performed by the State or a CMS deemed authority if newly certifying or recertifying. Are you ready for that unannounced on-site inspection? Our experienced staff will give you the assurance that your clinic will pass the official inspection. Our mock survey covers every area in which your actual inspection will be based upon. We use the same form for the mock survey as the surveyors use to evaluate the clinic. Scheduling a face-to-face clinic visit with your staff is done at a time and day that is best for you. We will inform you of ways to identify and remedy any deficiencies or complete missing information before the surveyor completes the official site survey. Following the mock survey, you will receive a report identifying which areas are at risk and non-compliant which will be used to set you on the right track for years to come.

Our mock survey covers a detailed review of the following:
Physical Location and Environment - On-site walk-through.
Medical Records - Random charts will be pulled.
Annual Evaluation - We will facilitate an advisory council meeting if needed or review minutes.
Policy and Procedure Manual – Must be current and thorough.

RHCs may have an unexpected on-site survey as often as every three years. Therefore, it is essential that RHCs keep standards up-to-date. We recommend that you complete an annual mock survey of your clinic to make any service or facility modifications necessary to ensure ongoing compliance…maintain your files, fix things that break, etc.

Many States are unable to do an RHC survey due to low funding. CMS has deemed two agencies to perform RHC initial or recertification surveys, AAAASF and The Compliance Team. There is a fee to utilize these agencies. Should you desire to hire either of these companies for your survey, we will work with you to complete the paperwork and request letter for survey. We will provide you with an overall RHC Operation Review and On‐Site Visits that Include a Recommendation Report.