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    E-mail: info@hsagroup.net
    Phone: 231-924-0244
    Fax: 888-717-3543

    Mailing Address:
    2 E Main Street
    Fremont, MI 49412

CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS & WEBINARS (specialized to clinic's needs)

Practice Management Sessions
Our practice management workshops provide key aspects of running a rural health clinic. Sessions include the following topics:

RHC Compliance & Operating Manual
-- RHC regulations and safety measures will be studied and explored.

Program Evaluation
-- Key operational data and assessment will be discussed.

RHC Billing 101/Managing Your Accounts Receivable
-- Proper RHC billing
-- Working and managing accounts receivable

Team Leadership
-- What makes good leadership
-- Build an effective team

Cost Reporting Webinars
Medical Billing Webinars
ICD-10 Training